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EL PASO! The BLOCK PARTY is back ⚡⚡ Friday, November 17th
Downtown El Paso. This one is going to be HUGE.


Downtown El Paso
354 N Campbell St.
El Paso, TX, 79901



Friday, November 17th, 2023
7:00 PM – 2:00 AM



5:00 PM – 1:30 AM




Following the event, all phones, wallets, IDs, passports, credit cards, prescription glasses, and tech items (such as portable chargers) will be held at an off-site location. 


Please email with a brief description of your lost item and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible in an attempt to return your lost item if found.


There are no L&F services available the day after the show.




Please keep up-to-date on weather reports and plan your attire and preparations accordingly.




We have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and possession. Police officers will be working inside and outside of the event, and all narcotics laws will be strictly enforced. Be responsible, and make smart choices.




By purchasing a ticket, you agree to submit to a thorough, TSA-style search, including emptying your pockets and bags, having all of your items examined, a full pat-down, and possibly removing your shoes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.



ALL bags MUST be CLEAR. CLEAR backpacks, purses, handbags, and fanny packs are allowed. ALL bags must be smaller than 12″×12″. ANY bag over 12″×12″ is prohibited. 



You must be 21+ to purchase or consume alcohol. Valid photo ID is required.


  • Any US government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth

  • US or foreign government-issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth

  • Temporary DMV documents proving you are currently renewing a license—ONLY if accompanied by passport or expired license



  • NO School ID

  • NO Consular ID

  • NO Birth certificate

  • NO Expired ID of any kind

  • NO Photocopy of any ID (except as noted)

  • NO Temporary DMV license without passport or expired license





  • NO Re-entry

  • NO Camping

  • NO Refunds or exchanges

  • NO Sitting on designated dancefloor areas

  • NO Moshing, crowd-surfing or stage-diving

  • NO Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors

  • NO Unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.



  • YES Cell phones and portable chargers/external batteries

  • YES Cigarettes and lighters (cigarettes must be sealed upon entry)

  • YES E-cigs/vapes (NO refillable liquid chambers, no E-liquid or E-juice of any kind will be permitted)

  • YES Earplugs

  • YES Gum & Mints (must be sealed upon entry)

  • YES Lip balm & gloss (must be sealed upon entry)

  • YES Non-professional flash/still cameras, handheld video devices under 6″ (Sony Action Cam, GoPro, Polaroids, etc.)

  • YES Over-the-counter medication (must be sealed in factory packaging and unexpired)

  • YES Physician-prescribed medication that is not expired (must show physician’s prescription and consult with a safety officer upon entry. Only bring the amount of medication needed for the duration of the festival. Prescription must match ID.)

  • YES Powder makeup (liquid makeup is prohibited)

  • YES Rain ponchos

  • YES Sunglasses & hats

  • YES Tampons and pads (must be sealed at entry)

  • YES Wet wipes (must be sealed at entry)

  • YES Hand sanitizer (must be sealed at entry)


  • NO Aerosol products/cans

  • NO Balls or Frisbees

  • NO Bota bags

  • NO Reusable water bottles

  • NO Selfie sticks

  • NO Drones, remote-controlled aircraft, toys

  • NO Drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • NO E-liquid or E-juice of any kind

  • NO Eye drops

  • NO Sunscreen lotion (inspected upon entry)

  • NO Personal misting fans

  • NO Flags/banners or handmade signs

  • NO Festival totems or decorated pool noodles

  • NO Hula hoops—including LED hoops

  • NO Hydration packs

  • NO LED whips & orbitals

  • NO Glowsticks & glowing/illuminated costumes or jewelry

  • NO Gas masks

  • NO Glass, cans, cups or coolers

  • NO Helium balloons

  • NO Illegal substances

  • NO Large chains or spiked jewelry

  • NO Large purses, bags or backpacks (over 12″×12″)

  • NO Laser pointers and air horns

  • NO LED gloves or LED microlights used for light shows

  • NO Liquid makeup

  • NO Markers, pens or spray paint

  • NO Massagers

  • NO Open packs of cigarettes (upon entry)

  • NO Outside food or beverages (including alcohol and candy)

  • NO Pacifiers

  • NO Pets

  • NO Professional photo, video, or audio recording equipment (no detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial-use rigs)

  • NO Red-colored light-up wands, batons, or lightsabers

  • NO Stickers, flyers

  • NO Tents, large umbrellas, chairs or blankets

  • NO Toy guns, water guns, slingshots

  • NO Unsealed tampons or pads (upon entry)

  • NO Weapons or weapon accessories of any kind (includes pocket knives, pepper spray, fireworks, etc.)

  • NO Wind chairs/sofas




We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and fun experience for every one of our guests. These actions can get you removed from the venue.


  • Irresponsible or unsafe use of alcohol.

  • Accessing restricted areas without proper credentials.

  • Taunting, abusive, or offensive language.

  • Obscene or offensive gestures, including the use of obscene or offensive gestures through imagery or symbolism including banners, signs and other means of visual propaganda.

  • Possession/use/sale of illegal drugs.

  • Public urination or defecation (outside of a proper and/or public restroom).

  • Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone.

  • Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property.

  • Participating in any activity that humiliates anyone or insults their human dignity.

  • Fraudulently claiming a disability or abusing ADA services.


Any individual who violates this Code of Conduct may be IMMEDIATELY removed from the festival grounds and have their ticket/wristband revoked, without refund. Law enforcement may be notified.


Wristbands are VOID if tampered with or removed.

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